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Exclusive use of our private tented Arabian private dining room, included is the party banquet menu for 20 people:

Mixed Starter

A delightful selection of some of our favourite starters: falafel, kubba, kulicha, and mixed dolma complete with hummus, yoghurt and salad served on platters to your tables for everyone to tuck in and share

Mixed Grill

Delicious and tender selection of charcoal barbeque kebabs served with a fresh salad, garlic mayo and chilli sauce and of course our clay oven baked light and airy nann bread: chicken wings, chicken breast, minced lamb and lamb fillet (for vegetarians, please choose one of the vegetarian dishes on the menu)

Middle Eastern Sweet Selection

A mouthwatering selection of lokum Turkish delight and indulgent baclawa and whipped cream

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Room must be booked in advance.

Room can only be booked Mondays - Thursdays.

No refund if fewer than 20 people turn up. Voucher is non-refundable in the case of cancellation, we can only reschedule.

Any extra guests will be charged at full price from the party banquet menu.

Numbers must be confirmed at time of booking.

The voucher cannot be used during August and December.

Ethical glass recycling fee will be billed on the event date.

Does not include service.

Any extras will be billed on the event date.

Table time allowed is 2 1/2 hrs.

Early evening tables must be back by 7.30pm.

Redeem locations

  • hanams, 3 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh, EH1 2PW, t: 0131 225 1329,
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